Taliban’s “Operation Martyrdom” Underway in Afghan Capitol – US Embassy Targeted

Explosions and gun battles broke out in Central Kabul, near the Indian and the US embassies today. Sources told NDTV that all Indians in Kabul were safe. The gunfire was reported from Charai Abdul Square, about 100 metres away from the US embassy.

At least five and up to 10 explosions were reported.
NDTV also has video.

The Taliban has claimed responsibility.
CBS News reported:

A complicated attack involving multiple gunmen and apparent suicide bombers was underway in the heart of the Afghan capital Tuesday morning, and it appeared to be focused near the U.S. Embassy.

CBS News staff in Kabul reported hearing heavy gunfire and at least seven explosions, some of them large. The situation was described as “chaotic”, and Reuters news agency said at least four people were wounded.

A Taliban spokesman claimed there were several militants inside at least one building near the embassy district in Kabul, and that the targets of the attack were Afghan government ministries and the intelligence services.

Mohammed Zahir, a police official in Kabul, told the Associated Press that a group of gunmen were firing from a tall office building under construction near the U.S. Embassy.

CBS News’ Fazul Rahim reports that sirens could be heard wailing from the U.S. Embassy compound, and there were announcements carried over loudspeakers warning people to remain indoors. Rahim says he saw at least one rocket hit the roof of a building directly behind the embassy.

The Taliban’s primary website ran a statement Tuesday morning saying “Operation Martyrdom” was underway in the Afghan capital.

Yesterday it was reported that Barack Obama gave his blessing to the Taliban to open political offices in Qatar.


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