St. Louis Muslims Carve a Star of David into Iraqi Immigrant’s Back For Being Pro-Israel (Video)

Alaa Alsaegh, an Iraqi Muslim, published a pro-Israel poem last year.
On August 14th a group of St. Louis Muslims stopped his car and carved a Star of David on his back.
KMOV reported:

Alaa Alsaegh pusbished the poem on the Arabs for Israel website.
His poem was titled “Cries From The Heart of the Holocaust” (in Arabic)
KMOV reported:

In on-line political magazine, FrontPage Magazine, published a photo of a man with a Star of David, carved into his back. News 4 interviewed the man, who says he was attacked on Compton Avenue, just south of downtown on August 14th.

Alaa Alsaegh says that two cars followed him as he drove on Compton. The drivers cut him off and Alsaegh says he pulled over. That’s when two men got out of a car, armed with a handgun. They got into Alsaegh’s car and attacked him with a knife.

Alsaegh showed us a photo that his friend took at the hospital. More than a month later, Alsaegh still has scars. News 4’s camera captured the outline of the Star of David, visible on Alsaegh’s back.

Alsaegh is a Muslim from Iraq. He says he recently posted a poem, online, expressing support for Jewish people in Israel. Alsaegh says that his attackers told him not to publish any more poems.

St Louis Police confirm that officers responded to a call for help around 10:45 a.m. on August 14th.

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