Socialist Michael Moore Attends Wall Street Protest to Support Young Commie Squatters (Video)

Far left anti-American hero Michael Moore rallied the Wall Street protesters last night in New York City. The socialist film-maker urged the protesters to continue their squatting at a private park and insisted that their movement would grow. Moore told the young communists, “One-hundred years from now people will remember that you came down to this plaza and started this movement.”
They must be his new minutemen.

The UPI reported:

Filmmaker Michael Moore conveyed his support to Occupy Wall Street activists, joining them at a park near Wall Street, as the protest expanded to other cities.

Moore visited Liberty Plaza Park, formerly known as Zuccotti Park, in New York’s financial district Monday evening to shout approval to the activists after they marched through the district that houses many major financial institutions, including the New York Stock Exchange and the Federal Reserve Bank of New York.

They have used the park near the World Trade Center site as a campground and staging area for their actions since Sept. 17.

“I am honored to be in your presence,” Moore told several hundred people in the park, saying each of them represented thousands of other Americans.

“One-hundred years from now people will remember that you came down to this plaza and started this movement,” reported Moore as saying.

Activist Noam Chomsky endorsed the Wall Street movement Monday, praising protesters for what he called their “courageous and honorable” action and announcing his solidarity with them.

The protesters are demanding changes to U.S. social and economic policies they say unfairly favor the rich. A group called the 99 Percent said its members would “no longer tolerate the greed and corruption of the 1 percent.”

FYI: The owner of the private park told reporters that the squatters would likely be removed today.

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