Shameful… “Culture Warrior” Bill O’Reilly Attacks Rick Perry On His Christian Faith (Video)

Bill O’Reilly, the original Culture Warrior, just surrendered the war.

In 2006 Bill O’Reilly published his best seller Culture Warrior. In the book O’Reilly asserts that the United States is in the midst of a “culture war” between “traditionalists” and “secular-progressives.” Back in the day, O’Reilly put himself into the traditionalist God-fearing camp.
Not any more.

FOX News host Bill O’Reilly attacked Governor Rick Perry last night on his show for delivering a speech at Liberty University where the governor discussed his Christian faith. Apparently, this offended Bill and his liberal guest. Funny, it was just a few short years ago that Bill was leading the charge for traditional values folks. Now it looks like he’s settled into the secularist camp.
How sad.

Hate to break this to you Bill but there are still millions of us that believe that this country and its laws were based on Christian values. And, Bill… We won’t surrender.

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