Rush Limbaugh: “You Have to Wonder, At Some Point Will George Bush Be on Mt. Rushmore?”

George W. Bush and Barack Obama: A contrast in style and substance.

RUSH LIMBAUGH: George Bush yesterday, the 9/11 memorials. You know, a friend of mine observed this. What did Obama do? Obama went to a soup kitchen, 9/11, a day of service, as though we’ve got something to apologize for, for what happened on 9/11. A friend of mine observes Obama and Bloomberg both acted like it was a natural disaster. Bush, George W. Bush, who, by the way, stands tall in retrospect. Ten years, not one attack… A little bit about 9/11 and the memorials that took place over the weekend. When you hear Americans reliving 9/11 — I mean real people that were citizens of the country; not media people or sports stars, but real people — You have to wonder: At some point will George W. Bush be on Mount Rushmore? Look at what this nation went through. The shock, the horror, the terror, the doubts, the confusion, the fears of what’s next, and out of that day — and out of that treachery and confusion we got the most implausible result: No more attacks. Quite a job, Mr. President Bush. Quite a job…


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