Republican CNN-Tea Party Debate in Florida – Open Thread

The Republican CNN-Tea Party Debate on CNN.
CNN promises —- the debate will focus on a wide-range of topics with a specific emphasis on issue number one to Tea Party members and all Americans: the economy.

Viewers can participate in the debate by:

  • · Tweeting and using the hash tag #CNNTeaParty
  • · Posting on Facebook via CNN Politics ( )
  • · Following the LIVE Blog updates during the debate on
  • Candidates introduce themselves.


    Michele Bachmann gets applause as founder of the Congressional Tea Party.

    Nice. CNN stuck Perry between Romney and Ron Paul.

    I see several patriots in the crowd including Andrea Shea King.

    Michele Bachmann: Obama stole $500 billion from Medicare for Obamacare.

    PERRY NAILS ROMNEY: “You’re trying to scare seniors.”

    Perry nails Romney: You said in “your book” it’s criminal.

    Video Here.

    ust to correct Wolf Blitzer – Bush brought deficit down from over $400 billion to under $200 billion in 4 years with tax cuts.

    Perry to Romney: Mitt you were doing pretty well until you started talking poker.

    Ron Paul uses leftist talking points to smear Rick Perry on Texas jobs.

    Perry counters: People are coming to Texas because of our economic climate and we cut taxes.

    Newt Gingrich: “The American people create jobs, not government.”

    Bachmann attacks Perry on campaign donations. Santorum jumps in. Perry gets it from the right and the left.

    This is a great debate. Really good.

    Perry is getting attacked from all sides.

    Ron Paul gets booed for latest insane rants on foreign policy.

    Overall a great debate – CNN did a great job with the format and inviting the tea party to join with them for the event.
    The candidates improve with each performance.

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