Ouch!… Rand Paul Mocks Obama While Pushing NLRB Senate Bill: “I’ve Got a Message for the President… Pass This Now” (Video)

This was beautiful.
Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) mocked Obama today while pushing the Senate’s NLRB bill:
“Mr. President if you’re for creating jobs – Pass this bill now.”

Senator Rand Paul:

“I’ve got another message for the president. We’ve gotta bill to help solidify thousands of jobs in South Carolina. Pass this now. If you want to be in favor of jobs – Pass this bill now. If you want to be in favor of jobs you’ve got to be in favor of corporations. Quit going around the country and criticizing American corporations. Boeing can take these jobs overseas. Would you rather see these jobs go overseas. Mr. President, support this legislation now.”

More… Carbon Pootprint added:


“He forgot the part about If you love me pass this bill now.”

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