Radical Far Left Mob Arrested at Rep. Paul Ryan Town Hall Event (Video)

They radical leftist mob wouldn’t let the popular conservative talk.
So the tea party SOBs leftists were arrested.

They interrupted Rep. Paul Ryan about a dozen times. The pro-union mob said they wanted jobs now.
Via Breitbart TV:

So when was the last time you heard about tea partiers being arrested at a protest?
Hmm… Like never.

WISC reported:

Several dozen protesters gathered in Greenfield, the site of speech by U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan on Tuesday, but there were also Ryan supporters.

Ryan, a Republican, told the Whitnall Rotary Club hat this is the new normal in Wisconsin.

The dueling protests continued for about two hours outside Klemmer’s Banquet Center on Oklahoma.

“Stand with Paul,” supporters chanted.

“What do we want? Jobs! When do we want them? Now,” protesters said.

“We all feel the same way that Paul Ryan cares about the corporations and not about the middle class, and he’s killing us,” Ryan protester Mark Stevens said.

“We are here to support Paul Ryan. He stands for smaller government and lower taxes and free markets, and that’s what we believe in,” said Nancy Milholland of Americans for Prosperity.

Ryan went into the Rotary Club event through a back door, but addressed the crowds in his speech.

“Why do we have such upheaval? Because this is a very, very precarious time in our nation’s history,” Ryan said.

His speech was interrupted about a dozen times.


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