Please Pray For My Friend Lady Liberty (Updated)

Back on July 22 my friend Lady Liberty had a horrible accident.
As you know, Lady Liberty filled in for me from time to time this past year when I was traveling or busy. She had been posting more frequently the months before her accident. Lady Liberty also helped me with comments. On July 22 she had a horrible accident. She broke her pelvis, both legs and her upper arm.

When Lady Liberty was at the hospital the doctors discovered that her cancer had returned. That is why she suffered such serious injuries in a pool accident. She didn’t tell me this for several weeks. She continued to have a great attitude. She sent me tips. She called me. She took pain killers. She always was asking me, “What do you need me to do?” She did all of this with one arm, a shattered pelvis and two broken legs. She never complained.

A couple of weeks ago they started to treat her cancer. But after her first treatment she caught pneumonia. The doctors had to sedate her and stick a tube down her throat to help her breathe. Yesterday and today the doctors tried to remove the tube but she responded so poorly that they had to put her back under. She is really struggling.


Tonight her husband told me that he heard Sean Hannity and Michael Savage mention Gateway Pundit today. That was nice. He was just getting home from the hospital. I hope Lady Liberty heard it too. She would be so proud. She’s not just an assistant. She’s a cheerleader and a dear friend.
Please keep Lady Liberty in your thoughts and prayers this week.

UPDATE: (Thursday PM) I just spoke to Lady Liberty’s husband. They took the breathing tube out today and she struggled at first but then started breathing on her own. Then she started talking. What a miracle! Thank you for your prayers. Lady Liberty was sleeping tonight when they left her room in the ICU. She may be moved into her own room tomorrow.
Thank you. And, thank you for your kind comments. You are the best.

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