Pelosi Says Losing Weiner’s Seat Was a Good Thing: “Because Democrats Will Buckle Down”

It’s nice to know she’s taking it so well.

Popular loudmouth Democrat Anthony Weiner liked to take photos of himself naked at the US House gym and send them to young women on the internet. (TMZ)

Minoriy Leader Pelosi says that losing Weiner’s seat was a good thing because democrats will “buckle down.”
CNS News reported:

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D.-Calif.) said on Wednesday that the Democrats’ loss of the special election in New York’s 9th Congressional District—which was formerly represented by Democratic Rep. Anthony Weiner—was actually a “good day” because it made Democrats realize they needed to intensify their efforts to prevail in next year’s elections.

“In terms of New York, yeah, that was a disappointment. We would have preferred to win,” said Pelosi.

“It was a good day because it was something where other people realize we have to buckle down in order to win this,” she said.

“It does not alter our plan for taking back the House,” she added.

Pelosi said that Democrats remain “very optimistic” about doing that.

“We’re optimistic about the recruitment of candidates, the raising of money, the raising of the issues that are out there, and that’s positive for us,” she said.

Well, good luck with that recruitment plan. If you can’t win in New York. You can’t win anywhere.

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