Oh Waah!… Far Left Crank Wants Boehner to Resign for Dissing Obama

Too funny… The far left is having a hissy fit after Obama was forced to move his partisan stimulus speech to Thursday.

Far left crank Tommy Christopher says Speaker Boehner should resign for telling President Obama to move his spending jobs speech to Thursday.

The mainstream media, and even some in the liberal opinion media, have completely missed the point of President Obama’s dust-up with Speaker John Boehner over the date for Obama’s address before a joint session of Congress. MSM yakkers have advanced the “pox on both their houses” meme, while liberals like Ed Schultz accuse the President of “caving,” all ignoring the fact that Boehner has insulted and disrespected the office of the President of the United States, and should resign.

He scheduled his jobs speech on the same night as the GOP debate, ding-dong.
Of course Obama had to change the time. Everyone knows that the debate would have stole all his viewers anyway. Even James Carville knows the president was out of line.
Grow up, Christopher.

Jammie Wearing Fool added this on Christopher’s ridiculous rant: “Painfully dumb, yet entirely predictable.”

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