Obama Jobs-Stimulus Speech to Joint Session of Congress – Live Blog

Here we go another $400 billion stimulus.
Live at 7:00 PM EST

Barack Obama’s special guest tonight was AFL-CIO President Thug Richard Trumka

** Here is the transcript

Krauthammer said it best on the FOX News All-Star Panel: This isn’t a jobs speech – This is a set-up.

Great. Cantor follows Obama into the chamber. That ought to get into his head.

Obama starts out saying it’s time not to play politics.
Michelle Obama stood up and applauded that.

Obama: This plan is the right thing to do right now… All $400 $450 billion of it.
I intend to pass it. I ask every American to lift their voice.

Obama the next election is 14 months away. The people who hired us don’t have the luxury of waiting 14 months.

Obama praises big government, GI Bill, transcontinental railroad.

Obama: Everything in this bill will be paid for…. All $400 billion of it.
(The White House is going to release that part next week.)

Obama: You should pass the jobs plan right away.

Obama: Small businesses will get a tax cut if they hire or give raises.
(What garbage)

Obama: You should pass it right away.

Obama: We know we have crumbling buildings and crowded skyways.
(Wasn’t the last plan supposed to do this?)

Plays the kids crumbling schools card.

You should pass it right away.

Pass this bill.
Pass this jobs bill and businesses will get credit right away.

Obama: We have to do more to put longterm unemployed back to work.

Obama: We will extend unemployment benefits for another year.

How to pay for it—
Here’s how. He’s tacking it onto the last imaginary cuts. He’s going to make Congress do it.

Obama pushes tax hikes on rich.

Tax oil companies – Drink!

Obama – This isn’t political grandstanding (Republicans laugh)

Obama: We’ve identified 500 reforms. (Really, where’s the list?)

Here we go….
Strawman Alert: Obama rejects idea that we have to restrict bargaining rights, increase lead levels, etc.
Horrible. Obama attacks individualism.

Obama plays the Lincoln card. Sick.

Michelle Obama looks really angry tonight.
Thank God it’s over… Bring on the Packers!

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