New DNC Ad Urges Supporters to FIGHT For Obama’s Latest Half-Trillion Dollar Stimulus Plan (Video)

Maybe President Downgrade should have Jimmy Hoffa or Richard Trumpka lead this effort?
The DNC is urging voters to FIGHT for Obama’s latest half-trillion dollar stimulus.
It’s called “14 Months.”

The Denver Channel reported:

The Democratic National Committee is launching an ad campaign in Denver and 13 other politically key cities to try and rally the public behind President Barack Obama’s new jobs plan and pressure a divided Congress to act.

The television ads show portions of Obama’s speech to Congress last week promoting the $447 billion package of tax cuts and new spending. They urge viewers to “Read it. Fight for it. … Pass the President’s Jobs Plan.”

The spots were to begin airing Monday and are the first round in an effort that will last several weeks, said DNC spokesman Brad Woodhouse.

“The president has a plan to create jobs and help middle-class Americans get ahead, and this effort is intended to communicate that plan to the American people and for the American people to communicate their support for his plan to their representatives in Washington,” Woodhouse said.

The DNC push comes as Obama himself is embarking on a high-profile sales job to boost support for his plan as his re-election campaign gets under way with the economy stalled and unemployment stuck at 9.1 percent.

The president was formally sending the jobs bill to Capitol Hill on Monday and holding an event in the Rose Garden to call on lawmakers to swiftly back it. On Tuesday he’ll pitch the plan in Ohio, home state of House Speaker John Boehner, and on Wednesday in North Carolina.

Obama also promoted the plan in an interview with NBC’s Brian Williams aired Monday on the “Today” show. He said independent economists “are saying … this buys us insurance against a double-dip recession. And it almost certainly helps the economy grow and will put more people back to work, and that’s what the American people want right now.”

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