Liberal Paul Krugman: Bush and Giuliani Are “Fake Heroes” Who “Cashed In” on 9-11 Horror …Update: The NY Times Pulls the Post(?) …Update: Nope, Still There

You have to admit, the title of his blog is perfect…
“The Conscience of a Liberal”

Today the New York Times “economist” and far left Keynesian, Paul Krugman, remembered 9-11 by attacking George Bush and Rudy Giuliani.

“Te(sp) atrocity should have been a unifying event, but instead it became a wedge issue. Fake heroes like Bernie Kerik, Rudy Giuliani, and, yes, George W. Bush raced to cash in on the horror.”

Spoken like a true liberal.
(I posted a screen grab of the article in case it disappears.)

Brilliant. Krugman, the supposed liberal intellectual, calls for unity while viciously attacking conservatives. Really smart, Paul.


UPDATE: The NY Times has pulled the post. At least, it is no longer on Krugman’s home page.

UPDATE: Nope. The disgusting post is back up on his webpage.

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