Jimmy Hoffa Defends Violent Profanity-Laced Speech: “We Didn’t Start This War – The Right-Wing Did”

Jimmy Hoffa doubled-down today after his violent profanity-laced threatening Labor Day speech in Detroit yesterday. Hoffa says his comments “echo the anger and frustration of American workers who are under attack by corporate-funded politicians who want to destroy the middle class.”

Yesterday Hoffa told fellow union members, “Let’s take the sons-a-bitches out.”

Teamster.org reported:

(WASHINGTON) – Teamsters General President Jim Hoffa today said he stands by his criticism of corporate-funded conservative politicians who are out to destroy the middle class.

“We didn’t start this war – the right wing did. My comments on Labor Day in Detroit echo the anger and frustration of American workers who are under attack by corporate-funded politicians who want to destroy the middle class,” Hoffa said. “We’re tired of seeing good-paying jobs shipped overseas. This fight is about the economy, it’s about jobs and it’s about rebuilding America. As I said yesterday in Detroit, we all have to vote in order to take these anti-worker politicians out of office.”

Hoffa said the battle began when anti-worker politicians, funded by billionaires and CEOs such as the Koch brothers, were elected last fall. Instead of focusing on voter priorities such as restoring the U.S. economy and job creation, the first act of these newly elected politicians was an attempt to gut the middle class. They launched a coordinated, well-financed war on workers in states such as Wisconsin and Ohio, where they stripped workers’ collective bargaining rights. They also filed right-to-work-for-less legislation in 14 states, which workers successfully fought and defeated.

“We’re fighting back. That’s what Teamsters do – we stand up for what is right,” Hoffa said. “I will never apologize for standing up for my fellow Teamsters and all American workers.”

Hoffa has been widely praised for calling out the hypocrisy of anti-union politicians, who would rather run the U.S. economy into the ground to win the presidency and gain seats in Congress next year than put America back to work.


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