Jim Cramer on Business Leaders: “They Hate Obama Like Jimmy Carter” (Video)

CNBC host Jim Cramer says business leaders, “Hate Obama like Jimmy Carter.”


CNBC’s Jim Cramer reported Friday morning on Squawk on the Street that he’s hearing from business leaders off-camera that Obama is hated by business leaders. “The disdain is off the charts! This guy, he is hated like Jimmy Carter!”

Cramer’s candid insight came after news from anchor Melissa Lee that there was a sadness about the economy from many traders and about how The Conference Board said there was a 45% chance of the US going into recession. “They say that since 1988, every time that The Conference Board predicted the chances were higher than 40%, we soon went into a downturn. I just throw that out there in the context of it looks like the support for the American Jobs Act is unraveling a bit from both sides of the aisle for that matter. Could the writing be on the wall for President Obama’s presidency?”

They’re being too kind. Obama is much worse than Carter.

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