It’s This Bad… NFL Grumbling That Obama’s Speech May Interfere With Pre-Game Activities

Nice work. Now he’s ticked off Cheesehead Nation.

The NFL is grumbling that Obama’s spending jobs speech may interfere with their planned pre-game activities.
WSAU reported, via Free Republic:

NBC Television and the White House are in ongoing discussions over coverage of President Obama’s jobs speech and the NFL kick-off between the Packers and Saints.

Yesterday the White House announced that the presidential address would be over before kickoff at 7:30 next Thursday. But NBC was also planning to show extensive pre-game coverage, including some live concerts outside Lambeau Field about an hour before the game.

Many Wisconsin NBC affiliates want the network to offer feeds of both the NFL pre-game and the president’s speech, and let the local channels decide which one to carry. NBC has also sold out its pre-game sponsorships for the NFL opener — money that might be refunded to the advertisers if the broadcast plans change.

The pre-game activities might be moved to the NFL Network — with the game itself staying on NBC.

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