Islamist Killer Says Hollywood Film “Redacted” Motivated Him to Slaughter US Soldiers

Islamist killer watched an anti-American Hollywood thriller – Then went out and slaughtered 2 US soldiers.

Arid Uka shot dead two U.S. airmen at Frankfurt airport in Germany in an Islamist rage. He said the anti-American Hollywood movie “Redacted” motivated him to slaughter the US soldiers. (Daily Mail)

The anti-American anti-military film “Redacted” was made as a political statement in 2007 by Hollywood director Brian De Palma and Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban.

It was fiction.

The Daily Caller reported:


A Balkan Muslim who killed two U.S. Air Force servicemen in March has told a German judge Wednesday that he was motivated after seeing the movie “Redacted,” which was made as a political statement in 2007 by Hollywood director Brian De Palma, Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban and several high-profile movie industry producers.

Arid Uka told the judge that that he murdered the two Americans in March after he watched the movie’s graphic depiction of U.S. soldiers raping a girl in Iraq, according to a BBC report. “I thought what I saw in that video, these people would do in Afghanistan,” he said, the BBC reports.

“What I did was wrong, but I cannot undo what I did,” Arid Uka told the court in Frankfurt.

The dead solders were Senior Airman Nicholas Alden, age 25, and Airman 1st Class Zachary Cuddeback, age 21.

“I honestly had not heard about it,” said one “Redacted” producer, Jason Kliot. “I’m terribly sorry to hear that, but I don’t understand how my movie would impel anyone to commit murder,” he said.

“The real culprit here is the tragedy of war, it is not Brian De Palma’s brilliant film,” he said.

“I don’t see how people would be made to commit acts of violence [after watching "Redacted”], any more than they would for watching Fox News,” Kriot said.

The movie — which also depicted U.S. soldiers as racist murderers — was released as U.S. forced stepped up their successful offensive against Al-Qaeda in Iraq, Saddam Hussein supporters and Iran-sponsored Shia groups in 2006 and 2007.

Of course, the far left loved the film.

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