Iranian Regime Now Viewed as Top Security Threat to US

A new bipartisan survey found that the Iranian regime is now viewed as the top security threat facing the United States.
Secure America Now reported:

Iran is now seen as the top national security threat to the United States, according to the findings of a new bipartisan poll of 1,000 Americans released by the non-partisan grassroots public interest group Secure America Now, and 96 percent of Americans view national security as an important factor when deciding their vote for the next president. The national poll of 1,000 likely 2012 election voters was conducted in August by Democrat Pat Caddell and Republican John McLaughlin. It has a +/- accuracy level of 3.1 percent.

The bipartisan poll found that after combining 1st and 2nd responses, 63 percent of those surveyed identified Iran as the top U.S. threat, with China next at 50 percent, followed by North Korea at 47 percent. Of the 96 percent saying security is important in deciding whom to vote for, 67 percent said that U.S. national security issues are “very” important. Complete results are online.

“The findings of this survey show that Americans remain ahead of their elected officials in determining issues atop the national agenda,” Caddell said. “It’s disappointing the GOP presidential candidates gave it such scant attention during their debate this week. Americans are clearly concerned about a broad range of security issues, ranging from Iran’s nuclear threat, to China’s potential aggression, to North Korea’s unstable dictatorship. Politicians must listen.”

“What is most striking in these findings is that even n the midst of the lingering recession, it’s not just the economy stupid, it’s national security, too.” McLaughlin said. The poll also showed that 63.5 percent of those surveyed approve military action against Iran if sanctions do not stop their nuclear program, and 77.6 percent think current polices will fail.

“Though both the Bush and Obama administrations have been reticent to consider military options to address the threat posed by Iranian nukes, the American people are prepared to support such action should sanctions fail,” said Secure America Now member Devon Cross, a former Defense Policy Board member and mother of two. “Americans across the political spectrum are focused on security, even though these issues get far less attention from politicians than these polling numbers indicate they should.”

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