Governor Perry Slams Rove During Debate: “Karl Has Been Over the Top For Some Time in Some of His Remarks”

Perry was a Big Winner at last night’s debate.

Governor Rick Perry got back at Karl Rove last night during the GOP primary debate. The conservative Texas governor told NBC crank Brian Williams, “Karl has been over the top some time for his remarks”
Newsmax reported, via Free Republic:

Texas Gov. Rick Perry lashed out Wednesday at former Bush adviser and Fox News commentator Karl Rove, charging he has been “over the top” in his remarks lately.

Rove invited Perry’s wrath when he criticized a passage in Perry’s book, Fed Up!, in which the Texas governor describes Social Security as an “illegal Ponzi scheme.” Rove, once dubbed “the architect” for managing the re-election of former President George W. Bush, said that type of rhetoric could be “toxic” for Republicans in a general election campaign.

“You know, Karl has been over the top for a long time in some of his remarks,” Perry said of Rove, who once was an adviser to him as well. “So I’m not responsible for Karl anymore.”



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