Good Grief… Bill Clinton: It’s Un-American to Deny Global Warming Junk Science

Really?… People still believe in this junk??

Bill Clinton says it’s un-American to deny global warming junk science.
The Politico reported:

Bill Clinton turned up the heat on the leading Republican presidential contenders Tuesday, saying their opposition to acknowledging climate change makes the country “look like a joke.”

“If you’re an American, the best thing you can do is to make it politically unacceptable for people to engage in denial” about climate change, the former president said on the first day of the Clinton Global Initiative’s seventh annual meeting in New York City.

“I mean, it makes us – we look like a joke, right? You can’t win the nomination of one of the major parties in the country if you admit that the scientists are right? That disqualifies you from doing it? You could really help us there,” Clinton added.

Kicking off the three-day conference, Clinton called the lack of debate in America on climate change “really tragic.”

Bubba, please.


And, here we thought these socialists were in retreat.
Guess not.

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