Gaffetastic!… Obama Thanks “Mark” Shirley For $35,800-a-Couple Dinner… His Name Is Jon Shirley

President Barack Obama, right, smiles as he is introduced by NBA basketball hall-of-famer, Bill Russell, left, during a Democratic fundraiser at the Paramount Theater, Sunday, Sept., 25, 2011, in Seattle. (AP/Pablo Martinez Monsivais)

Barack Obama was guest of honor at a $35,800-a-couple fundraiser in Seattle today. He was very appreciative to his host Jon Shirley… It’s just unfortunate that he called him Mark.
Seattle P-I reported:

The President told a $35,800-a-couple Medina fundraiser that the 2012 election will be “especially hard because a lot of people are discouraged” but vowed he will “keep drawing a clear contrast” between his vision of America and that of the Republicans.

The fundraiser was held in the 27,000-square toot, art-draped home of former Microsoft chief operating officer Jon Shirley. Obama deemed the art collection unforgettable. But he could not remember the name of his host.

I was saying to Mark that I wish I had time to just roam around because this is as beautiful a collection as I’ve ever seen. I want to thank Mark . . .” Obama said. A couple of guests said “Jon,” and the president quickly corrected himself.

It is a tradition of Democratic presidents and presidential candidates to deliver partisan stem-winders in the salons of wealthy donors. Obama did not disappoint.

He warned that electing a Republican presidential candidate next year would deeply hurt the country.

“The (Republican) alternative I think is an approach to government that would fundamentally cripple America in meeting the challenges of the 21st Century and that’s not the kind of society that I want to bequeath to Malia and Sasha, and your children and your grandchildren,” Obama said.

“My hope when I came into office that was because we were in crisis that the other side would respond by saying now is the time for all of us to pull together,” he added.

“That was not the decision they made so from the moment I took office what we’ve seen is a constant ideological pushback against any kind of sensible reform that would make our economy work better and give people more opportunity.”

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