Far Left Wisconsin Thug Turns Himself In After Accosting 3 GOP Reps

Far left Wisconsin protester Miles Kristan turned himself in last night after he accosted three Republican lawmakers at a bar.

Miles Kristan, 25, of Milwaukee, talks about other rallies in which he has participated. “This is the greatest rally of my life,” Kristan said. He has been at the Capitol since Wednesday. Kristan has been using the sponges in his pocket to keep clean and “shower” in the bathrooms while staying in the Capitol. (ISU News covering the WI protests)

Miles Kristan walked into the police station and turned himself in last night.
WXOW reported:

A Madison man turned himself in Thursday night for pouring a beer over the head of Republican state Rep. Robin Vos.

26-year-old Miles Kristan walked into the police department downtown around 5:30 p.m. He spoke with police officers, who gave him a ticket for disorderly conduct, a misdemeanor.

Officers say Kristan dumped the beer over Vos’ head Wednesday night while he was at the Inn on the Park with two other Republican lawmakers, Assembly Majority Leader Scott Suder and Rep. John Nygren.

Kristan and a friend, CJ Terrell, have posted YouTube videos of themselves trying to get in contact with Rep. Vos, but they’ve been unsuccessful. Terrell and several of Kristan’s friends accompanied Kristan when he turned himself in. Terrell then spoke to reporters.

“I’ve been trying to talk to Robin Vos now for over a month. I go to his office, I leave my information, and they keep saying he’s going to call me back, but I get nothing. I see him in the street and I ask ‘Hey Robin, why won’t you talk to me?’… he pretends I don’t exist.,” Terrell said.

Of course, the Wisconsin leftists believe they are the real victims.

From the video: Protesters were violently wrenched out of the Wisconsin State Assembly on Tuesday for silently filming legislators. A beer was poured on Republican Robin Vos on Wednesday. The beer pour receives more press. The filming by citizens in the Assembly chambers violates the current rules of the Assembly, however protesters believe Wisconsinites have a right to use their cameras as a form of free speech guaranteed by the Wisconsin state constitution.


These leftists are dangerous.

The Underground Conservative has more on the far left stalker.

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