Far Left Idiots Harass Donald Rumsfeld – Attempt Citizen’s Arrest (Video)

Radical leftists in Massachusetts harassed Donald Rumsfeld at a book signing yesterday.
They chanted and harassed conservatives attending the speaking engagement.

They chanted, “Hey Rumsfeld you can’t hide. We charge you with genocide.”
Do these nuts even know what they’re saying?

During the event the loons tried to make a citizen’s arrest on Rumsfeld.
They failed.
The Boston Herald reported:

Angry hecklers tried to make a citizen’s arrest last night as former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld stopped in the Hub to promote his biography, but he made his exit a free man.

“Mr. Rumsfeld I’m placing you under arrest,” shouted one woman, who was stopped by security as she approached the stage at the WRKO-sponsored event at the Old South Meeting House.

She held a sign that read “War Criminal” as she was led out, the first of four protesters who interrupted Rumsfeld as he took questions from an otherwise friendly crowd. Police said one protester was arrested outside for assaulting a cop with a bullhorn.

In his wide-ranging remarks, Rumsfeld again defended the invasion of Iraq, saying evidence of a capability to resume a weapons program was found: “Saddam Hussein had in place the people to develop chemical and biological weapons … he had the precursors that were required to develop them, and he had a dual-use facility.”

Rumsfeld criticized the Obama administration’s timetable for withdrawing from Afghanistan, saying that a drawdown of U.S. forces should only happen if “events on the ground” dictate it. He said policy makers should not “remake” Afghanistan in our image.

Here’s a good video – watching one of the leftist idiots get arrested:

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