Epic Rush Limbaugh: “When Is Obama Gonna Repudiate Hoffa?… Obama Wrote It for Hoffa!” (Video)


As ususal. El Rushbo nailed it today on Jimmy Hoffa’s sons-a-bitches speech and call to violence.
Via HapBlog:

From the Rush Limbaugh website:


RUSH: So everybody’s wondering when is Obama gonna repudiate Hoffa? How do we know that Obama did not suggest to Hoffa that he say what he said? What do you mean repudiate? He went up there after Hoffa said what he said and basically praised him. I mean, what is this, when is Obama gonna repudiate Hoffa? Obama wrote it for Hoffa! Who the hell do you think is inspiring these sons-of-bitches anyway? Quote, unquote. Well, I mean if Hoffa can use the lingo, and if Obama can find nothing wrong with it, I mean what are we talking about here, folks? And Obama’s gonna be making a speech to those sons-of-bitches on Thursday night. Yeah, Cookie asked me, “Should I delete the word ‘bitches’?” No. Hoffa used it. This is your Democrat Party.

By the way, greetings and welcome. It’s El Rushbo, and I feel confident that your kids that are worth anything are back in school, so I don’t mind using the lingo. If your kids are not in school they are worthless kids anyway and probably already know the lingo before I do. And, yes, I’m in a fit to be tied mood today about a whole bunch of stuff so just bear with it.

You probably heard Jimmy Hoffa’s attack on the Tea Party at the Labor Day speech in Detroit and Obama’s praise of Hoffa afterwards. Everybody says, “Well, when is Obama gonna refute Hoffa?” Hell, Obama wrote it for Hoffa. Obama suggested it. Before we get to what was said, don’t you just love the irony? Here we have James Hoffa and Barack Hussein Obama, mmm, mmm, mmm, commemorating Labor Day in Detroit, a city that epitomizes the disaster brought about by the alliance of labor unions and government. Here is a city that is crumbling. They are bulldozing parts of the city. It’s a city run by Democrats and unions for 50 years.


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