Ford Owner “Chris” Not Surprised Team Obama Leaned on Ford to Pull Bailout Ad (Audio)

Ford owner “Chris” who starred in the Ford commercial praising the company for not taking a government bailout was on the radio with Sean Hannity on Tuesday.

The Ford truck driver said that he was not surprised that this government would pull the ad.

“It doesn’t surprise me that this is the tactics of this administration. I’m disappointed in the place that our government is going… The conversation we are having today is on what is the proper role of the government of the United States of America and how much more money do they need from me and you to fulfill that role. And, I’m not happy where they’re taking this… Why can’t our government get the message?… Stop spending more money than is available. How is that good for me as an American but not good for the government?”

Hat Tip Mara


UPDATE: Michelle Malkin has more on Obama’s continuing bully problem.

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