Disgraced Democrat Charlie Rangel Stalks Rick Perry in New York (Video)

Censured Democrat Charlie Rangel crashed Rick Perry at an event in New York City today.
The Texas governor was asked to speak by local business owners. Rangel poked his head in to find out who was there.

Rangel invited himself to the event and then released a statement attacking the successful governor.
CNN reported:

Gov. Rick Perry’s meeting Monday in New York with Hispanic business leaders had an unexpected guest in attendance: Democratic Rep. Charles Rangel, who represents the district where the meeting took place.

Rangel said he was simply doing the neighborly thing by welcoming the Republican presidential candidate to his locality. But a statement released by Rangel on Monday night did away with bipartisan pleasantries after the first sentence.

“As a courtesy, I stopped by Inwood to welcome Governor Rick Perry to the most beautiful congressional district in our nation,” Rangel said. “However, the Governor’s visit ironically came on the very same day that my constituents heard President Obama’s speech earlier today on getting America back to work. The President has made it clear that he would veto any bill that would change benefits for those who rely on Medicare but does not raise serious revenues by asking millionaires and billionaires or biggest corporations to pay their fair share.”

Rangel went on to slam the Texas governor for his record on the death penalty and for recent remarks Perry made on Social Security…

…The meeting, in upper Manhattan, took place at Papasito Mexican Grill and Agave Bar. Perry was invited to speak by a stockbroker who owns taxi companies and a construction company.

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