Dem Weprin Blames Obama After Stunning NY-9 Loss: “The Election Turned Into Referendum on Obama & I Was the Unfortunate Consequence”

Democrat David Weprin blamed his stunning loss in the New York special election this week on far left President Barack Obama,
“[The election] turned into a referendum of the President and I was an unfortunate consequence.”

The Brooklyn Paper reported:

Assemblyman David Weprin is blaming President Obama for his stunning 54–46 percent loss to former television executive Bob Turner on Tuesday, claiming that he would have won the southern Brooklyn district if the Commander in Chief was doing a better job — yet many say the Democrat sunk his own ship with several campaign missteps, as well as his refusal to shave off his 1970s-style mustache.

“[The election] turned into a referendum of the President and I was an unfortunate consequence,” Weprin (D–Queens) said during a Monday-morning quarterbacking session with this paper on Wednesday. “If this election happened when the president’s poll results were better, I could have turned this around.”

It would have been quite a feat: Weprin lost the Brooklyn side of the bi-borough district — with just 33 percent of borough voters pulling the lever for him — in the fight for disgraced Rep. Anthony Weiner’s seat. As the final numbers were tallied, Weprin was trailing by more than 4,000 votes on both sides of the district.

Weprin called Turner to concede the special election and congratulate his opponent on Wednesday morning. The victor acknowledged the President’s role in the election, according to Turner.

“He said ‘The election wasn’t about you or me. It was beyond both of us.’ ” Weprin recalled.

Calls to the Turner campaign were not returned on Wednesday, but during his victory speech, Turner said his win proved that voters have “had it” with the President’s “irresponsible fiscal policies” and his “treatment of Israel.”

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