Arabs Attack & Knife Jewish Hikers Then Go Riot in West Bank

Palestinian thugs attacked and knifed a group of Jewish hikers then went and rioted in the West Bank near Esh Kodesh today.

This comes after violent Arab youths attacked Jewish soldiers in the West Bank on Wednesday.

Israel National News reported, via Free Republic:


Arab riots continue in the Shilo area after local Arabs attacked Jewish hikers resulting in one hiker stabbed and one Arab shot.

The hikers were attacked between the Arab village of Kursa and Jewish community of Esh Kodesh in the Shomron (Samaria).

The knifed hiker was reported to have in serious condition, while the Arab who was shot died of his wounds after evacuation by a Red Crescent amublance.

Esh Kodesh residents said that a group of Jewish hikers who arrived this morning to camp in area adjacent to Shilo and Esh Kodesh were attacked by a group of Arabs from nearby Kusra. The Arabs pressed a knife to the throat of one of them.
At that point another hiker fired shots in the air, and the knifer released the injured Jew. The hikers then retreated to Esh Kodesh. Within moments, a large mob of Arabs from the village came to Esh Kodesh and began to set fires in the community’s vineyards.

Jewish residents raced to the site and a running battle began between the two sides. The Arabs threw stones and the IDF arrived on the scene.

Of course, the Palestinians have a totally different story where they are the victims.
YNet News reported this:

Palestinian sources claim that a group of settlers headed towards the village seeking to confront or attack villagers.

A group of Palestinians, who belong to a security team that was established in the village to defend against settler attacks, stopped a number of them during which the violence broke out.

The Palestinians said that the injured man was evacuated to a hospital in Nablus.

Military sources admitted that the Friday morning clash was one of the dangerous scenarios the defense establishment was preparing for ahead of the Palestinian statehood move at the UN. “We are at the start of a highly volatile period in which any such incident could become a slippery slope leading to a deteriorating situation,” they said.

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