“You Lie!” Rep. Says He Was Right All Along – Obamacare Does Cover Illegal Aliens

Remember this?
Barack Obama went in front of the American people and insisted that his health care plan would not fund abortion or cover illegal immigrants.
Not everyone believed the president. Rep. Joe Wilson screamed, “You lie!”

Now we know Joe Wilson was right – Obama did lie.
Obamacare does cover illegal aliens.
FOX News reported:

Nearly two years after he infamously accused President Obama of lying about his health care overhaul, Republican Rep. Joe Wilson claims he was right all along.

The South Carolina congressman was pilloried in 2009 for shouting “You lie!” at the president in the middle of a national address after Obama claimed the health care bill would not cover illegal immigrants.

But Wilson is claiming some vindication after the Health and Human Services Department awarded millions to “migrant and seasonal farm worker” health care — a spokeswoman in the department was cited last week saying patients would not be asked about immigration status and an department official confirmed Monday that the centers receiving the grant money must offer primary care to “all residents” in a given area.

Wilson, on his campaign website, declared the funding announcement proved him right. Though most farm workers are here legally, the Pew Hispanic Center estimates that about a quarter of them are undocumented.

“It is inevitable that they will serve illegal aliens,” Wilson said. “The president specifically promised the American people that ‘Obamacare’ would not cover those who are here illegally. He misled all of us.”

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