Violent Far Left Protester Arrested at Scott Walker Protest – Accused of Battery

What a shock.
A far left protester was arrested at a protest last week in Milwaukee. The violent leftist was accused of battery.

The MacIver Institute posted video:

Badger Blogger has more on the Walker-bashers.

This protest was held after the superglued the doors.
WISC reported:


Vandalism and protests greeted Gov. Scott Walker Friday at a Milwaukee Catholic school.

Police said one protester was arrested, accused of battery, and school officials said they’re outraged about the damage to their building.

A couple of hundred protesters rallied outside Messmer Catholic Preparatory School in Milwaukee’s Riverwest neighborhood. They spoke out against Walker’s cuts to public education and collective bargaining rights.

“Recall Walker,” protesters chanted.

A crowd filled the sidewalks outside of Messmer Prep School, with a message for Walker.

“Hey. Hey. Ho. Ho. Scott Walker has got to go,” protesters chanted.

The governor was at the school Friday to read to students and promote his third-grade reading initiative.

But when word of his of his visit got out Thursday, police said a vandal tried to shut down the school by gluing the doors’ locks.

Messmer’s president said he was outraged that someone would vandalize the school because the governor was visiting.

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