Unreal… Far Left Religious Leaders Protest Rick Perry For Attending Prayer Rally

Former reporter and Director of the Texas ACLU, Terri Burke, is leading the protest movement against Rick Perry’s First Amendment rights. Perry will take part in a prayer rally on Saturday.

Far left religious leaders and community organizers are holding a protest today against Governor Rick Perry. The far left leaders are upset that Rick Perry is attending a prayer service that is Christian.
News Journal reported:

Three days before The Response, the Houston prayer event Gov. Rick Perry initiated two months ago, the response has been spirited among those objecting to the governor’s participation.

On Tuesday, more than 50 Houston-area religious and community leaders disseminated a signed statement drafted by the Anti-Defamation League expressing “deep concern” about a prayer rally “not open to all faiths,” while the Houston GLBT Political Caucus and related organizations announced a Friday rally at Tranquility Park to protest the event. The groups that represent gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered people accused the American Family Association and other sponsors of the prayer event of hatred toward the GLBT community.

The ADL statement followed a June letter from the Houston Clergy Council that criticized the governor for excluding non-Christians, partnering with an anti-gay group and blurring boundaries between church and state.

’’Governor Perry has a constitutional duty to treat all Texans equally, regardless of race, religion or ethnicity,” the ADL statement reads. “His official involvement with The Response, at minimum, violates the spirit of that duty.”

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