The Horror!… Axelrod Says GOP Candidates Are Pledging Allegiance to Tea Party

We wish.
Obama chief strategist David Axelrod says Republican candidates are pledging allegiance to the tea party and are determined to cut spending.
Boy, we sure don’t want that now do we?

CBS reported:

Top Obama campaign strategist David Axelrod on Friday accused the Republican presidential contenders of “pledging allegiance to the Tea Party” at the Republican debate last night rather than the country, and said their lack of attention to the middle class was “stunning.”

Axelrod, in an appearance on CBS’ “The Early Show,” blasted the candidates’ performances in Thursday night’s Republican debate, and took particular aim on the eight Republicans’ unanimously expressed opposition to accepting tax increases as part of a deal to reduce the deficit.

“What was stunning was when they were asked, ‘when you look at the problem of the debt of this country, would you accept any more revenues, any higher taxes, even if it were ten parts cut and one part taxes?’ and they all raised their hand and said no, essentially pledging allegiance to the Tea Party, instead of resolving the problems of this country,” Axelrod said.

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