The Agony of Defeat: Democrats Finally See Their Policies Failed America – Lash Out in Response (Video)

When your policies don’t work – When you are exposed as complete failures – When no one believes in what you offer because it doesn’t work – What do you do?

You lash out.

The left has nothing. They know it. We know it. Even the Vice President knows it.
Their policies have completely failed America. The deficit is tripled. The unemployment rate has doubled in 4 years. The double dip recession is here.

But rather than admit failure, they’ve decided to lash out at the adults in the room.
This week the far left has gone from calling conservatives and tea party patriots “racists” to their latest smear.
They now are calling tea partiers “terrorists.”


Bill O’Reilly and Bernie Goldberg expose the angry bomb-throwers on the left.

Don’t worry libs. Anger is just a stage of grieving.
Acceptance is just around the corner.

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