Terrific!… London Locals Chase Rioting Goons From Neighborhood (Video)

Enough Is Enough.
London locals had enough of the recreational rioting and chased the hoodlums down the street.
Russia Today reported, via Free Republic:

From the Video: Londoners took to the streets to protect their neighbourhoods on Tuesday night after Britain’s worst rioting in a generation. A group of anti-rioters marched through Enfield, in north London, aiming to deter looters. “We are the Enfield anti-rioting squad,” said one local resident. “You want to riot our place, we will riot you mate. This is our area not your area.” Another Enfield resident said his fellow vigilantes were the “people that are London, not the small minority that are going around smashing up stuff, that have got nothing to wake up for in the morning.”

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