Team Obama Deals the Race Card Against Governor Rick Perry

Well, what else can they do?
Attack him on job creation?

The Obama Administration is dealing the race card against Texas Governor Rick Perry.
The Washington Examiner reported:

Any incumbent wants to define his opponent before the opponent defines himself. The Obama campaign seems intent on painting Rick Perry as a Southern white racist — a tired line of attack that is angering conservatives and inspiring them to rally behind Perry.
Last week, liberal pundits charged Perry with racism, offering no evidence or falsified evidence. While the baseless racism charges surfaced on MSNBC, they might have originated in the Obama campaign.

The MSNBC attacks on Perry were egregious. First, on Monday night, liberal host Ed Schultz ran a clip of Perry in Iowa talking about the national debt. Perry spoke of “that big black cloud that hangs over America — that debt, that is so monstrous,” Perry said. But Schultz cut off the Perry clip before the words “that debt” and asserted flatly, “that black cloud that Perry is talking about is President Barack Obama.”

Schultz apologized a day later for his deceptive editing, but he stood by the insinuation Perry is a race-baiter.

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