SEIU Thugs Take Over OneWest Bank Headquarters in California (Video)

About 50 SIEU activists took over the OneWest Bank headquarters in Pasadena today.

The leftist mob jumped turnstiles and pushed threw security forced to bust into the bank.

The Pasadena Star News reported, via Free Republic:

A group of about 50 protesters overcame security and jumped turnstiles Thursday afternoon to commandeer the corporate headquarters of OneWest Bank.

Members of Alliance of Californians for Community Empowerment and the Service Employees International Union set up tents and blocked off employee elevators for several minutes chanting loudly in support of Rose Gudiel, who is on the brink of being evicted from her La Puente home.

The animated group ignored police requests to leave the private property until bank Vice President Brandon Latman agreed to meet with Gudiel and her family.


Protesters then moved to picket the entrance to the building while Gudiel met with Latman in a private room for nearly 20 minutes.

Gudiel, a state of California employee, has been attempting to get the bank to modify a loan for almost two years after her brother’s sudden death, which caused the household income to drop, she said.

Although the income has long since recovered, the bank has consistently refused to give them a loan modification, she added.

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