President Downgrade Expects to Get an Earful on Taxpayer-Funded Midwest Bus Tour

President Downgrade expects to get an earful on his taxpayer-funded campaign bus tour across the Midwest next week.

Just because it’s funded by taxpayers don’t think you can get a seat up front at one of his speeches.
That won’t be happening.

The AP lapdogs want to put the blame on Congress.

President Barack Obama is expecting an earful from regular folks, including supporters, over their frustrations with Congress and some of Obama’s decisions when he sets out on a three-day, campaign-style bus tour of Midwestern states next week.

White House spokesman Josh Earnest said today that people of all political persuasions will see Obama in their towns in Minnesota, Iowa and Illinois, and will use the occasion of the presidential visit to take their concerns straight to the top.

“The president does anticipate that he’ll detect a little frustration about the dysfunction in Congress and the strident position of some in Congress to put their parties and affiliation ahead of the country,” Earnest said, as he tried to set expectations for the tour.

“I also anticipate that there will be some people who are supporters of the president, who voted for him last time, who will have some questions for him about the compromises that he was willing to make in the context of this deficit debate,” he added.

A bill Obama signed this month to keep the government from defaulting on its debt didn’t include tax increases that Obama had insisted were needed to help to trim the federal budget in a balanced way.

These people are delusional.

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