Pakistan Allowed China to Photograph and Take Samples From Downed US Helicopter

Obama could have ordered a drone strike on the US helicopter wreckage at Osama Bin Laden’s compound. He didn’t. And, so after the assault on Osama’s compound Chinese officials went to Pakistan to inspect the wreckage of the US chopper held by the Pakistani government.

The Pakistanis didn’t want to give it back to the US. They were upset about the “illegal strike” inside Pakistan.
Via the FOX Report:

This was reported back in May on FOX News.

Today another report revealed that Pakistan gave China access to the previously unknown U.S. “stealth” helicopter after the raid.
The Washington Post reported:


Pakistan gave China access to the previously unknown U.S. “stealth” helicopter that crashed during the commando raid that killed Osama bin Laden in May despite explicit requests from the CIA not to, the Financial Times reported Sunday.

The disclosure, if confirmed, is likely to further shake the U.S.-Pakistan relationship, which has been improving slightly of late after hitting its lowest point in decades following the bin Laden killing in a Pakistani garrison city.

During the raid, one of two modified Black Hawk helicopters, thought to employ unknown stealth capability, malfunctioned and crashed, forcing the commandos to abandon it.

“The U.S. now has information that Pakistan, particularly the ISI, gave access to the Chinese military to the downed helicopter in Abbottabad,” the paper quoted a person “in intelligence circles” as saying on its Web site.

The ISI, the Inter-Services Intelligence Directorate, is Pakistan’s top spy agency.

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