Obama’s Stale Birthday Message: “We Will Bring About the Change All of Us Believe In”

The Obama supporters waited for hours in a Chicago hot box to listen to this?
They should have asked for their money back.

U.S. President Barack Obama fist bumps a supporter after he delivers remarks at a Democratic National Committee fundraiser at the Aragon Entertainment Center in Chicago, August 3, 2011. (REUTERS/Larry Downing)

When he wasn’t talking about himself, Barack Obama told his Chicago fan base tonight, “We will bring about the change that all of us believe in.
Hasn’t he done enough already?
ABC reported:

“For all the frustrations and the challenges and resistance, we have to bringing about change. … When the American people join together, we cannot be stopped. We say to ourselves, ‘Yes, we can.’ It doesn’t matter how tough a week I have in Washington, because I know you’ve got me — you’ve got my back. When I come to Chicago, when I travel across the country, I know we can’t be stopped. I know America is the greatest nation on Earth. And I know we will bring about the change that all of us believe in.

The president hired a non-union crew for his gig tonight.

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