OBAMA’S ILLEGAL UNCLE Worked at Liquor Store – Sold Booze to Kids

Barack Obama’s illegal alien Uncle Onyango Obama was arrested for driving drunk.
He is currently being held by ICE. Onyango told police he planned to arrange bail through the White House.

Onyango Obama denies drinking and driving, careless driving and failing to yield right of way. (BBC)

Barack Obama’s illegal alien Uncle Onyango worked at Conti Liquor Store in Framington, MA.

Obama’s Uncle Onyango was in trouble last year after he sold booze to a minor.
The Taunton Gazette reported:


The half-uncle of President Barack Obama arrested last week for drunken driving was a great employee but never mentioned his relationship to the President, the owner of the liquor store he worked at said.

Onyango Obama, 67, has worked at Conti Liquors, 409 Concord St., since 2006, said store owner Parimal Patel.

“I have nothing but good things to say about him,” said Patel. “He’s probably the best employee I’ve had.”

Obama usually worked about 30 hours a week, mostly nights, Patel said. He never talked about relatives, including President Barack Obama.

“If I knew I would have asked him for tickets to the White House,” Patel said.

Framingham Police said they arrested Obama, of 37 Charles St., last Wednesday after he cut off a police cruiser on Waverly Street, nearly causing an accident. They charged him with operating a vehicle under the influence of liquor and driving to endanger. Obama’s blood alcohol level was .14. The legal limit is .08.

Obama has had some minor trouble while working at Conti Liquors, Framingham Police said. Last year, police conducted a sting by sending an underage man into the store to buy liquor. Obama sold the 19-year-old man booze without asking for an ID, police said. The store lost its license for three days.

In 2006, Obama also sold alcohol to two underage men using fake IDs, police said.

Here’s video of liquor store owner Parimal Patel talking to reporters.

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