Obama’s Illegal Uncle Onyango Had a State Driver’s License Since 1992 (Video)

Barack Obama’s illegal alien Uncle Onyango Obama was arrested for driving drunk.
He is currently being held by ICE. Onyango told police he planned to arrange bail through the White House.

Onyango Obama denied drinking and driving, careless driving and failing to yield right of way. (BBC)

Uncle “Omar” worked at a liquor store and sold booze to kids.

Onyango also had a state driver’s license.

Obama uncle had valid license: MyFoxBOSTON.com

Barack Obama’s illegal alien Uncle Omar not only had a Social Security number – he had a state driver’s license since 1992.
My FOX Boston reported:

The arrest of President Obama’s half-uncle in Framingham last week is raising new questions about the ease with which illegal immigrants can get driver’s license in Massachusetts.

Not only did Onyango Obama have a Massachusetts driver’s license when he was arrested last week, he also had a social security number.

State and federal officials were largely mum about how Obama, who had been ordered deported before and so is an illegal immigrant, got a social security number and a driver’s license.

Obama has had a Massachusetts driver’s license since at least 1992, according to the Registry of Motor Vehicles. An RMV spokesman says Obama presented a valid social security number and proof of residency, and that’s why Massachusetts issued him a driver’s license.

“If he has them, how many other people are able to access and have driver’s licenses and social security numbers here that are here illegally, that may have come over the border,” said state Rep. Vinny deMacedo, a Cape Verdian immigrant who’s been an American citizen for 35 years.

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