More on Hollywood’s Chipmunk in the Small Chair Propaganda Movie

The White House released this photo of the administration’s security team watching the raid on the Osama compound in Abbottabad. Now Hollywood wants to make a movie based on the famous chipmunk in the small chair photo.

(White House website)

Military Blogger Greyhawk wrote an excellent piece on the latest Hollywood-Obama project.
He’s obviously not too excited about this pro-Obama propaganda.

I’m glad I live in the country that came up with the idea of the Navy SEALs, the only one in the world that could transform that concept into reality. I love movies, too – but I won’t go see that one, and I don’t care if they give ten cents from every ticket sold to charity (and they will). Sony, Columbia, (that reminds me – nice try on the trademark thing, Disney/ABC, better luck next time) and whoever wants product placement in it or profit from it can spend a few hundred million making it over the next year, even as Barack Obama breaks campaign contribution records to collect another billion plus to fund the goal of four more years. Not only will I not see it, I won’t see any other movie playing in a multiplex while it’s there, and I won’t see the next movie made by anyone associated with it.

It doesn’t get much mention in the papers – what with all the troop drawdowns and all – but the numbers of Americans killed and wounded in combat have been climbing steadily since January, 2009. When that movie does come out, I’ll take the fifteen bucks (or twenty, or whatever a ticket might cost by then) and give it to a military charity, where even as small a donation as that will do more good than all the mis-directed millions mentioned above.

There will be plenty of need for it, as far as I can see.

How much do you want to bet they won’t give Bush any credit? Reporting the truth would obviously not help out the Obama campaign… And that is the real purpose of the movie, isn’t it?

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