Lincoln, Reagan, FDR, MLK – At Least Obama Hasn’t Compared Himself to Jesus Like Another Former President… Yet


Obama has compared himself to Lincoln, Reagan, FDR and reportedly Martin Luther King Jr. But, at least he hasn’t compared himself to Jesus… yet.

He wouldn’t be the first pompous democrat to do that.
Grand Old Partisan reported this yesterday:


On this day in 1866, President Andrew Johnson (D-TN) began his Swing around the Circle, a campaign trip through the Midwest. He was trying to win popular support for his policy of allowing ex-rebel Democrats to remain in control of the post-Civil War South.

In one speech lasting an hour, the pompous President Johnson referred to himself more than two hundred times. In another, he went so far as to imply that the murder of Abraham Lincoln had been part of God’s plan to make him president. At a third event, he said that Rep. Thaddeus Stevens, the Republican majority leader, deserved to be hanged. After Johnson compared himself to Jesus, his remaining speeches were drowned out by hecklers. State government officials refused to be seen with him.

There’s more on President Johnson at Grand Old Partisan.

Those democrats haven’t changed a bit in a hundred years, huh?

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