Libs Stunned to Find Out It Was ‘All About the Big O’ All Along

That hopey-um sure doles out a wicked hangover.

Democrats have finally figured out that it never was about them. It was always about the Big O.
Steffen Schmidt at the Des Moines Register reported, via the Daily Mail:

I recently had drinks with respected senior Democrats in New Hampshire. They were Barack Obama supporters in 2008 and now have serious buyer’s remorse. They were alarmed at the lack of leadership, which they feel Obama showed while he still had a substantial majority in the House and Senate. “Steffen, that health care monstrosity used up all his goodwill and has scared the crap out of voters. They just don’t understand what’s in there and he has done nothing to explain it.”

They were unanimous in blaming him for the avalanche of Republicans and the tea party movement ascendance that has paralyzed Washington. “Obama never stepped up to the plate and gave the Democrats a vision of how to retain power,” one said. “In 2010 he just walked away. He’s worse than Bill Clinton. It’s all about the Big O.”

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