Latest WI Lib Ad Features “Former Republican Voter” Who Now Suddenly Sees the Brilliance of Big Government (Video)

Far left groups released their latest ad attacking conservative Alberta Darling in Wisconsin this week. The ad features a “former Republican” who is now voting lib because he believes so strongly in big government.

Liberal and socialist groups released their latest ad against Republican Alberta Darling in the Wisconsin Senate recall race. The latest ad features Eric Christiansen, of Whitefish Bay, WI. Eric gave up his career as a corporate lawyer and has spent the last ten years as a public school teacher in Whitefish Bay, WI just north of Milwaukee.
TPM reported:

The liberals groups Progressive Change Campaign Committee and the Wisconsin division of Democracy For America have a new ad up in the state Senate recalls, going after one of the higher-value targets, state Joint Finance Committee co-chair Alberta Darling.

The ad features a local resident, introducing himself as a teacher. “To me, nothing is more important than education,” the man says. “But Alberta Darling voted for budget cuts that hurt our community schools, all to give tax cuts to the rich and big corporations.”

“I’ve voted Republican in the past. I’ve voted for Ronald Reagan, George Bush and George W. Bush. And I’ve voted for Alberta Darling. But we need someone on our side — I’m voting for Sandy Pasch for State Senate.”

Sure you did.


Unfortunately for the libs, reality is throwing a wrench into their election plans.

Last month Wisconsin accounted for more than half of the nation’s net jobs gain.

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