Jihadists Seek to Capitalize on London Riots – Flood Internet With Anti-British Messages

The Ansar Al Mujahedeen terrorist forum is urging members to post anti-British slogans on Facebook and internet websites.

Jihadists, hoping to capitalize on the recent rioting, are flooding the internet with anti-British messages.
AKI reported:
Breitbart.com reported:

As the riots that broke out in the British capital London late on Saturday and spread to other cities England continue, jihadists have flooded the Internet with anti-British messages inciting rioters to further action, according to US-based terrorist tracking group SITE Intelligence.

In a message on the Shumukh Al-Islam website posted Wednesday, one extremist said the riots could be “useful” for the jihadist cause, suggesting Britain could withdraw troops from Afghanistan and send them to London to quell the violence.

Besides the young black father-of-four shot dead by police, Mark Duggan, which sparked the violence, three Asian men were hit and killed by a car while defending their community from looters in the central city Birmingham this week.

Police have arrested over 1,100 people over the looting and unrest in Britain which analysts say has largely been organised by disaffected young people using the Blackberry smartphone’s encrypted freed messaging service, the microblogging website Twitter and other social networking websites.

Britain’s prime minister David Cameron cut short his summer holiday in Italy and returned to Britain, deploring the violence and claiming on Wednesday that “fightback” had begun against the riots and looting.

He pledged to deploy an extra 10,000 police officers to London’s streets amid criticism that security forces had responded inadequately to the riots, the worst seen in the country since the 1980s.

But postings on jihadist websites have urged Muslim militants to incite the rioters to further action via social media, possibly leading to Arab-style protests in Britain, SITE claimed.

Another post to the Shumukh Al-Islam website advised jihadists to “infiltrate the British Facebook and Twitter” pages with catchy slogans such as “We are all Mark Duggan,” SITE said.

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