Internet Legend Glenn Reynolds Celebrates a Decade of Blogging at Instapundit

The great Instapundit turned 10 this week. Glenn Reynolds, a law professor at the University of Tennessee, started Instapundit in August 2001 as an experiment. Today he has over a half a million readers a day due to his accuracy, intelligent content and entertainment value.

Over the years Glenn has played kingmaker to hundreds of start-up blogs. His “Instalanche” links are historic. Glenn has been particularly generous to me over the years. Without his support I don’t think I would be where I am today. I am eternally grateful to Instapundit. And, by the way, Glenn is just as kind and supportive in person as he is online.

Congratulations Glenn! I hope you enjoy another 10 years of tremendous success.

To celebrate, Glenn Reynolds put this video together for PJTV.

From the video: Glenn celebrates his decade of blogging on the internet. Glenn Reynolds hit the blogosphere in 2001. Shortly thereafter, Instapundit grew from a few hundred hits to one of the more popular blogs on the internet. Hear how Glenn’s warnings about 9/11 still hold true today.

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