Insane… Philadelphia Youths Shoot Up Bus After Woman Told Not to Beat Child (Video)

A youth mob shot up a Philadelphia bus last month after a woman was told not to beat her child.

The woman, Penny Chapman, called her friends and told them to, “Shoot that n***er,” after she was confronted for spanking her child.
The New York Daily News reported:

A horrifying video was released Friday showing gun-toting men spraying bullets at passengers on a Philadelphia bus.

Four suspects are on trial for an shootout, which stemmed from an earlier argument on the bus. Philadelphia prosecutors released the video as part of a preliminary hearing.

The bus ride from hell happened last month when passenger Lefanus Pickett threatened to report another passenger, Penny Chapman, after he saw her spanking her child.

“She was spanking her son for something he did,” Pickett testified at a hearing Thursday, according to the Philadelphia Inquirer. “I said, ‘That’s child abuse.'”

When Pickett threatened to call the cops, Chapman allegedly phoned friends to come meet her, My Fox Philly reported.

At the next bus stop, the angry Chapman allegedly got off the bus with her child and told a man, ‘Shoot that n—–,” Pickett testified.

The video shows Chapman leaving the bus by the back door, where she meets the boy’s uncle Angel Lecourt and his accomplices, Keron and Raheen Patterson. Lecourt helps the mother and child off the bus – then holds the door open as the Pattersons spray the bus with bullets.

The four adults are on trial for the shooting.

No one was injured from the gunfire.

In the video, an 80-year-old woman is seen frozen, standing in the the bus, unsure of what to do.

“You see her very clearly because she doesn’t actually see what’s going on. She’s sort of left standing in the middle of the bus as everyone has sort of separated all the way to the front or all the way as far as they could go to the back,” said prosecutor Morgan Model Vedejs, according to My Fox Philly.

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