Illinois Farmer Confronts Obama on Burdensome Regulations: “We Would Prefer Starting Our Day in Tractor Cab Not Filling Out Forms & Permits” (Video)

An Illinois farmer confronted Barack Obama today at Wyffels Hybreds in Atkinson, Illinois. The farmer was upset with the increase in the amount of burdensome rules and regulations under the Obama regime. The farmer told Obama, “Please don’t challenge us with your rules and regulations from Washington DC. We would prefer to start our day in a tractor cab or combine cab rather than filling out forms and permits to do what we like to do.”

Obama told the farmer, “Don’t always believe what you hear.”
FOX Nation reported:

From the video: During a town hall meeting at Wyffels Hybrids in Atkinson, Illinois, a farmer expressed concern to President Obama about forthcoming regulations. The man stated that people would rather be farming than “filling out forms and permits to do what we like to do.” President Obama told the farmer “don’t always believe what you hear” and blamed Washington for ginning up speculation. Obama added that, “Nobody is more interested in seeing our agricultural sector successful than I am, partly because I come from a farm state.”

Of course, Obama was not completely honest with this farmer:

Just last week it was reported that the Obama regime wants to force farmers to get commercial drivers licenses.

And, the Obama regime is also pushing dust regulations that would make it impossible for farmers out west to continue working.

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